"Making a difference is what we know best"

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Youth  Channel Group is a Non  Profit Organisation established in 1996 with the aim of addressing social issues that affect the community of Tembisa in Ekurhuleni,Gauteng Province in South Africa,YCG a Youth Empowerment organisation that is based in Tembisa.YCG saw the need to develop and empower the youth of today


Youth Channel Group's vision is to educate,motivate and mobilize the youth to address social issues that affect them on a daily basis.


YCG's mission is to build the capacity of the youth to enable them to contribute in the development of their community and empowerment of youth through education,motivation and mobilization and public participation.


To realize our goals YCG employ the following strategies: Encourage the involvement and participation of youth in addressing social issues and development.Mobilizing and Motivation the youth about self Empowerment.Networking with Local,National and International organisations and groups with the view to develop common strategies for youth development and Initiate varying enlightenment campaigns and unleashing community resources. 

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"Making a difference is what we know best"

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